Dean's Message

  • For more than four hundred years, Macao has become a place where Eastern and Western cultures have been blending and Chinese and foreign legal systems have been intertwined.

    Since the Return, Macao has made tremendous achievements in the economy and people's livelihood, and the demand for legal reform and the construction of the rule of law has become increasingly prominent. The country is also entering a new stage in developing the rule of law, and the Faculty of Law’s mission and responsibility echoes the call of this new age.

    Over the past two decades, the Faculty of Law has been dedicated to fostering excellence and serving the community.

    Nowadays, in the face of new opportunities to integrate into the overall development of the country and the construction plan of the Greater Bay Area, Macao's inter-regional and international exchanges have become more frequent, and there is a more urgent need for cross-border legal talents and comparative legal research.

    In the coming years, the Faculty of Law will continue its efforts in fulfilling its mission.

Faculty Introduction

  • Established in March 2000, the Faculty of Law was one of the first four faculties when the Macau University of Science and Technology was founded. With the historical context of multiculturalism and the tendency toward cross-border law development, after years’ growth, the Faculty has gradually formed a teaching and research tradition characterized as multicultural environment and cross-border law, and set its mission and vision: Cultivate Local and Cross-border Legal Talents within the context of Multiculturalism and Internationalism in its Macau and Cross-Straits Four-Regions Base.

    The Faculty has three levels of degree Programs including program of Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, Juris Master, Master of Laws in Criminal Justice, Master of International Economic and Commercial Law, Master of International Arbitration, Master of Financial Crime and Regulation and Doctor of Philosophy in Law. In accordance with the principle of “one country, two systems”, the Faculty conducts parallel courses of Macau S.A.R Law and Mainland Chinese Law in the Program of Bachelor of Laws, covering a wide range of subjects including Macau law, Mainland Chinese law, international law and the major legal systems of the world. The Faculty puts more weights on the study of comparative law and cross-border legal issues for its Degree Program of Master of Laws. Moreover, it holds regular competition activities such as the Guanying Cup Legal Essay Contest and the Wangyang Cup Law Debate Competition, the Lotus Cup Speech Competition, and as well as establishing various competition study societies, aiming to balance theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. In recent years, students from the Faculty of Law have achieved excellent results in professional competitions and pursued further studies at world-renowned law schools or gained employment at prestigious law firms and other legal institutions.